As you can read in my personal page, I like to play hard with experienced slaves that know what they want. I also have a fascination for the more extreme sorts of SM. Because I think these extreme photo’s aren’t suitable for the general viewer or minors, I decided to make a separate gallery for them. So be warned about what you will get to see in this gallery. Please keep in mind that the acts you will be watching, in spite of the visible blood,  isn’t brutal torture, but an extreme form of erotic pleasure experienced by a very select group of fans.

Mistress Manita


I made the following photo shoots with some very experienced lovers of more extreme forms of S&M. This play form isn’t the most common within the scene, but has a select but very enthusiastic group of players. Because I have a special taste for these extreme games, I sometimes agree to do such an extreme session. But only when I’m absolutely sure the other party really like these games. So please don’t think I’ll do these things to you unwanted. Also be warned that these games can’t be done without thorough knowledge, training and concentrations from both players. So never ever tryout the things you will see in the following gallery’s.

Mistress Manita

Extreem Sounds en naalden

Extreme sessie met sounds in de plasbuis en naalden      

Extreem gewichten, sounds en naalden

Extreme sessie met gewichten, sounds en naalden

Extreem Ralf

Extreme sessions with Ralf in July, 2002