Party 170, April 2016

So funny! Usually I find someone to write about my party way ahead of the party, but not this time. So, I first asked Necron, one of my Dungeon-monitors, and he liked to do it, so that was taken care of. But later on, I bumped into pazz, Markus_de_Sade’s slavegirl, and I immediately asked her if she would write a report about her experiences this night. Markus_de_Sade Continue reading


Party 168, February 2016

Party 168, February 2016

This time I got meisje43, slavegirl of Sir-Stefano, to write about how she experienced the party. It’s only their second visit to my party, but I know they really enjoyed their first visit.
We see each other at other party’s or at the Bos&Lommer munch and I think they’re 2 very sweet people and I’m glad they came into my life.

Thank you meisje43 xxx

Friday, February 12th, the night of the 14th anniversary!

As always in January I did my annual diet and I had lost 5,5 kilo since the party in January, so I felt extra good and I could fit in my beautiful long leather skirt and Demask corset.
Also I visited hairdresser Coos and he did a beautiful job with my hair, so I felt like a queen, ready to go to the ball.
But first I had to go to Koog a/d/ Zaan to pick up my mother because as always she would attend my anniversary party. Wonderful to have such an open-minded mother and I love to see her enjoying the party. Thank you Mom.

I really enjoyed this night, it was really cozy and fun and so many people!
It felt great to welcome so many beautifully dressed happy people to my party. Everybody received a coin for a glass of champagne to celebrate 14 years of Manita’s SM Fetish Play Party at the Showboat.
Of course it’s a lot of shaking hands, kissing, cuddling, receiving gifts, which is really sweet and nice, but also a bit scary considering the flue. But I still feel great today, so I guess nobody contaminated me with the hundreds of kisses I got.

I didn’t get to play this time. When there are so many guests there’s so much to talk about, especially when there are also people who hadn’t been there for at least 7 years!
It was a bit strange, like going back in time, and of course I really wanted to know how they were doing. And going round the bar took about an hour, because of all the chit-chat, but that’s also really nice!

This party I had planned for 2 shows. Ropemarks did the show at my first party, so it’s a tradition since then and they perform every year at my anniversary party.
This time the show started out with a boxing match between Bob & DutchDame and ended with DutchDame tied up against a boxing bag in the air and Bob walking around it, proud, to celebrate his victory. Thanks again sweeties! And don’t forget Bob, you can quit, but once a year in February you have to do a show at my party!!!

Second show was by the Elephant Takeover, 2 theatrical men who do the most funny acts, as they did this time. The red riding hood & Pinocchio porn tale, the name of the act and the pictures should give you an idea what this show was about. It was a great show, these 2 are so funny and original! Thank you guys, and I love to see you again.

On a night like this you should thank a lot of people, and I did, but when you start naming people, it’s bound to go wrong and you might forget someone, so I’ll do it like this:
Thanks to everyone working at the Showboat, the DM team, the DJ’s, the photographers and of course you: my guests, because without you there wouldn’t be a party.
We had a surprise for the DM team and the photographers: we’re going to dinner soon to the restaurant of Arie’s cousin: The Mail Company at Zaandam. It will sure be a cozy night with delicious food.

It’s a bit of an honor to have the clothing stand at my anniversary party, and this time the lucky one was SPM – Sensualdreams.nl
SPM had expanded his collection with lots of BITCH-proof faux leather dresses and some other sexy dresses. One of Sensualdreams’ specialties is their toy collection, always tested by tesss, SPM’s slavegirl, and believe me, she really enjoys doing that.

Photographer Erikfoto created a nice corner where all of the photographers could take pictures, as they sure did.
The photographers team of this party: Cor Bruin, Erikfoto, Jasmine de Vries and Kenneth Heesbien. Thank you for photographing this wonderful night, it’s a great memory for me and a proof that the concept of my party is still working after 14 years, and I’m really proud of that!

And believe it or not, but already I’m getting reservations for March 11th, so nice! If you don’t want to miss that party, sent an email to party@mrs-manita.com or call 06-23972607.  Don’t forget to click ‘going’ at the Fetlife event: https://fetlife.com/events/416307 and/or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1120257054665263/

I’d like to thank everybody who helped with this night, it was a GREAT night!!!

Mistress Manita
Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

A nice e-mail I got on Monday February 15th 2016 and I would like to share with you:

Dear Mistress Manita,

Thanks a lot for the great night we had.
The ambiance, the delicious food, the guests we spoke to, it was a real BDSM heaven for us. We’ve only just started, sometimes we go to the Fetish Café in Antwerp and in Diest, Belgium, and we were a bit scared to go to a Party in the Netherlands.
But I’m glad we did, it was a night to never forget and we sure will be there again. It was nice talking to you, though I’m sorry I called you kind of famous. I meant it well, as you probably noticed. We were at the Showboat for the first time, and we were kind of underdressed. Next time we’ll dress up according to the dress code, I promise.

It was nice to see how someone kind of famous can also be this normal.

Love to see you again soon.
Jack and Selma

Report of meisje43

My night at the showboat!

A little after 21.00 we arrived at Zaandijk, for our second visit to the Showboat.
I’m always a bit excited to go somewhere relatively new, but once your inside, get dressed, put away your stuff in the lockers and get your collar around your neck, you feel at ease and you can start to really enjoy the evening.
We went to the bar and started off by hugging a lot of people and we had some catching up to do. Soon more people came in. Everybody got a glass of champagne to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Manita’s party, so that was really good, I really like champagne!

After about an hour, Sir-Stefano felt like warming me up a bit. We got the suitcase and found ourselves a place at the pillory were I could stand. For me it always takes some time to relax and let go. There weren’t many people downstairs, so that went really well and Sir-Stefano was really good to me. We were there for about 30 minutes and I even took the bullwhip (Sir’s favorite whip) which usually I can’t handle that well.

When we went back to the bar, the buffet was already there. It was delicious and so much to choose from. After diner we strolled around a bit and we missed the first show. De second show we did see. It’s hard to describe what exactly happened, but it was really funny and also educational. I’ve learned that with the right nose, you can do more than I ever imagined.
After a drink, Sir led me downstairs again. He wanted to do a scene, and of course I didn’t refuse. We were in a different room now, and it was really crowded.

Sir started off with some floggers to get me warm again, and I loved it, as always. Soon he became a bit meaner, hitting me with the tips of a hard flogger. He kept getting to me harder and harder and I started protesting a bit, but I could handle it well. I was a bit scared, because we didn’t play a lot lately because we were both very busy, but it went very well and I really enjoyed it. To finish it, Sir hit me with heavy chains at my back. This usually means the end of a session, and then I start spacing out. So that’s what happened now. The world became blurry and the ground disappeared. I went into my own little world, I love that feeling.
After this session we got a drink at the bar and had some nice conversations. Sir went to dance.

Around 3 o’clock we got dressed and went home. We really enjoyed this great party.
We had some nice scenes, had some nice food and drinks, had nice conversations and lots of hugging. So we had a great time!

We hope to be back at the Showboat soon!

Love, meisje43

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