Party 196, juni 2018

The extra report is once again by Girl on Fet since the other ladies didn’t respond to my request, she offered to do it again. She writes very well, so I didn’t think this would be a problem, specially since she took part in the demo/show.

Lucky me! Thanks sweetie xx

You could really tell the summer holiday season is here, because there were less reservations then the last few months. But the weather was really good for us (it wasn’t that good) so in the last few days we got more and more reservations.

So, it wasn’t quite as busy as the 4 months before, but it was still good and most importantly, very cosy! I’ve met so many nice new guests 😊

When there are lots of new guests, I spent more time talking to these people to get to know them a bit. This time there were so many, so I couldn’t talk to them all. If you like to talk to me personally, don’t be shy and introduce yourself to me, so we can get to know each other. I’ll always make time for that.

Sometimes a show gets cancelled because the performing couple is no longer a couple. Then I have to find another show, but short term, that can be really difficult.

Last month I was very impressed by the bullwhip demo by Frizo and daizy. Specially since it seemed more like a show! So, plan B, I talked to miss daizy and asked her if it would be possible to change her demo into a show. And yes, she could! This is what she wrote me:

My idea for the show is to take different aspects of bdsm slaves and put them in one show. I guess you will do a whipping scene with Girl on Fet? Then there will be 2 dancers, performing some sort of lap dance for their partners, one Egyptian cat (pet play), a service scene (boot blacking or position training). This will all be on the dancefloor and I will make a show of it. All slave’s will be painted in Egyptian style.

When I read it, I was sold immediately. So I told her: let’s do this!!
It became a great show, with so much love and attention from miss daizy and the other performers.

Thank you all!

You can read about the show in Girl on Fet’s report.

Also, the clothing stall for this month, “SensualDreams”, was cancelled by Peter because he decided to quit SensualDreams. He will be continuing his transport business, so if your in need of a courier, you know who to call.

Peter, thank you for all these years and good luck with Ontrack! xx

Luckily, Hans from Fetish Company was available, so the stall was once again by Fetish Company. Thank you for saving me Hans! Xxx

We had an extra stall, by Edith makes the most beautiful earrings, I got quite a few from her collection. This sweetheart has been on my party many times. Thanks sweetheart! Xxx

Again there were many compliments about the DJ’s, specially the second party of the night.
Thanks Marco Verhoeven and Marcel S.

As you know, every month I do a scene on the party, but this time I was part of the show and I really liked it. Specially because of the great directions by miss daizy and the wonderful interaction I had with Girl on Fet. As she wrote herself: “I’m a showgirl…” That made it really easy with only little preparation to make a very special scene/show.

Of course this was too short to really be satisfied, so I decided to go downstairs to do some more, also with Lief-meisje, because she could use some pain 😉

Downstairs in the basement I tied both ladies to the winch and tried to make a scene out of it. But unfortunately, because of someone else, how tired I felt and 2 awkward ladies, it didn’t work out. All three of us had to laugh really hard and we decided to call it a day and take a drink at the bar. I’ll make up for this soon, I promise.

The pictures are made by Erik. I’m so happy to have you, the pics are beautiful! You really did a great job capturing the night, all by yourself. Thank you so much.

What to expect July 13th:
DJ’s: Marcel-S / Marco Verhoeven.
Photographers: Cor & Erik
Show: Mistress Madieanne
Extra: Leiband
Demo: Interactive Firepay by D_Moon
Clothing: Passie & Plezier

‘We’re Royco and KamaMedea. We’re two young people with both different backgrounds but we share a goal.

In May 2016 we started a web shop & fair participation in The Netherlands and Belgium, after we had a great collection ourselves. We try to create a beautiful collection of erotic and kink related products and show it. We often test the products ourselves or ask other to do so. You can see this in the reviews on our blog and social media.

We’re always looking for new stuff, new challenges and of course new people.
Love, Royco and KamaMedea

So, I think these are enough reasons to make your reservations now.
Mail to or call 06-23972607.

See you on Friday, July 13th!
Mistress Manita

Report by Girl on Fet

I’m a showgirl…

It’s the second Friday of the month. Last month was really special because it was my birthday. This month is special again, because I’m in the demo and show. Who me? Yes, me! I like being the centre of attention, but I’m not good at standing still for long. Only when there’s a beating. Then I love to stand still. But when there’s a party going on, I want to join in. So, when Manita asked me if I wanted to be part of the body paint demo, I said: “No, I don’t have the patience for that” But later when she

told me she would play with me after, I felt really sorry about my no. Luckily, I could take it back and be part of the show!

I’m always late and now I had to be on the boat before opening hours. To meet each other and to practice. I’m (again) later than planned, but luckily, I’m not the last person to arrive and actually quite on time. I could park next to the entrance, that’s how early I was! Inside I meet the other girls. Daizy will paint six girls and then we’ll perform a show she designed. She’s has so much creativity. Justin was already all black and will perform in the show as well. Everybody is a bit nervous, but really looking forward to performing. Then Manita arrives. She lost her car keys, so she was a bit late. But still enough time to kiss and hug everybody.

Daizy got a spot downstairs to paint everyone. 1 by one she transforms us to beautiful pieces of art. There’s a metallic blue cat, with ears and a tail (where would that tail come from?) Then there’s a golden girl. Then a pole dancer with black lace and golden hieroglyphs. Then two belly dancers with beautiful decorations around their necks in red, gold and green. Then it’s my turn and I get really pretty Egyptian pictures on my chest and belly. Justin is all black for his part as Anubus. With his black dog mask, he’s really impressive.

At 1 it’s finally showtime. Manita announces the show. We’re all tied to a chain and Anubis leads us to the dancefloor. The two belly dancers are freed so they can dance and open the show with their sensual hip movements, shoulder shimmying, breast and butts. Eye candy! Then Miranda and Kwisa are set free. Miranda does her pole dance act and in no time she’s upside down. It’s great to see her strength and litheness.

Kwisa has to keep her man satisfied by feeding him grapes and cooling him down with a big fan and seduce him with her dance moves. Then the wildest of them all gets set free: our cat. She crawls to the audience and plays with everything. Fuzz on the floor, a fish on a string, the audience. There was some nuzzling and some people got to pet her. She’s a great cat and I actually want to smile, but I can’t because I’m a slave and I have to be serene.

Then it’s my time to shine. Two girls came to get me and they show me off to the audience. Then my hands are tied to the winch and I’m surrendered to Mistress Manita. The girls also get her and she brought her whip. We look at each other and the chemistry is there. I was supposed to be an unfortunate slave, but all I can do is smile when I look at her. I feel peaceful and at ease.

Without touching me, she moves me, just by looking at me. The first blow arrives really fast, and then there’s more. She sways me around by the wench. I didn’t see that coming, so I lost my balance and am just hanging there. But I feel what happens, so when she does it again, I know what to do to make it look good. It feels really nice. But the blows of her whip, are even better.

She hits me hard. On my butt, round my waist and sometimes I moan a bit. But oh, I’m so enjoying this! She whispers in my ear and puts her hand around my throat. She pushes my head back and sways me again. While I’m still spinning, she hits me again and again. By butt got it good and I feel them glowing. Yesss! But then the show is already at its end. We receive a great applause and we get some champagne. We did it!

After the show I want more. We just started and then it had to end. I tell Manita and luckily, she tells me we’ll go find a spot to finish what we started. She calls Lief-meisje to join us and we head to the studio. The ties us together, we face each other and Manita circles around us. With her hands and her whip, she takes care of our butts. But we’re distracted, all three of us. A play right next to us is loud and sometimes I even feel their whip on my back. Manita put some clamps on my nipples but it’s not working and it hurts. Lief-meisje also has trouble to focus and when Manita starts laughing out loud, the tension is gone and we decide to quit. It didn’t work out. Bummer!

We chat for a bit and then we went upstairs again. I chat with a few people and then I feel how tired I am. It was a good night, but now it’s time to go home. I really enjoyed this new experience and got to meet lots of beautiful sweet people and I learned I am capable of standing still for a while for something else than a beating.

Manita as a friend,

Manita as a Mistress Manita as a host for everyone,

Thank you for again a great and wonderful night!

(and everyone else of course!

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