Party 200, 12 oktober 2018

Finally it’s time for my big day. On Friday, October 12th we celebrated my 200th party! The first party was in February 2002 and now we’re at number 200. What makes this even more special, all the party’s have been on the 2nd Friday of the month, and every time at the same location, Club Showboat. And I can tell you, nobody else has managed to do that in The Netherlands! So you can imagine I’m really proud. Proud of myself, my DM team, DJ’s, Showboat and crew and everybody who did something to make this happen.

Of course this had to be celebrated! I wanted to celebrate this special events with as many BDSM friends and newcomers as possible, and we did! For the first time since a few years we were fully booked! Thursday we were officially full. Because of the flue and work some people had to cancel. Very sorry for them, and I hope you feel better now. So there were a few spots for other people, so I didn’t have to say to to many people.

Some people made reservations and didn’t show up, and that’s not okay. I could have given your spots to other people, if you had let me know you weren’t coming. If you can’t make it, please let us know!

Everything went really well this party. Preparations, the  night itself, everyone knew what to do. It felt fantastic. No stress before, no stress at the party. Just enjoying everything and everyone. And I did! Some close friends were there, like my ex-husband Robert-Erik, with ana, life-meisje, a girl on fet and Storm65 & Beau. My mother couldn’t make it, because she’s still recovering being ill. Of course I hope she can make it in February, when we celebrate the 17th anniversary of the party. But I had a great night!

I’ve talked so much, I laughed and played a bit with Storm65. We rather play in private, because there’s too much distraction at the party. Next month there’s another chance to try out my beautiful new whip on one of my sweet ladies.

I also met two new really nice ladies: Monique and Mistress Fran. Both wrote a short report about the party, you can find them below. Thanks ladies, and see you soon!

The show by Dark Dance Theatre, Kodo Sado Kodo Sado was a special production, based on the opera Madame Butterfly, but with a kinky twist. It was a sad but  beautiful story. Thank you for your effort in this beautiful show!

I also want to thank Beau and Daantje for helping with the bubblebar.

Lef 2.0 did the clothing stall. Lef the pleasure store is taken over and moved to a different location. So two new beautiful ladies, Cindy and Melanie, did the stall. It was quite busy for them and they would love to visit my party again with their beautiful garments. So we’re going to plan a date for that.

As extra stall, we had AJ Zwepen, with some new beautiful whips. I got to pick one and I picked a green one. Thank you dears for this beautiful whip and being there.

But that wasn’t the only gift I received. Zjuuleke and 7th Sin gave me a tiny whip to hang from my bag, and I love it!×1200/z018.jpg

Bert Wibo from Massad gave me some really nice red wine, gold bubbles a sweet card and a paddle with my face on it from Storm & Beau, a gift card for a dinner with sweet friends and a gift card for Douglas. Thanks all!

DJ Marco Verhoeven was a great success again! The dancefloor was never empty and I kept getting compliments. Thank you Marco!

Unfortunately, Cor had to cancel last minute because he became sick. I couldn’t get another photographer, so Jasmine had to work extra hard. It wasn’t easy, but she did! Thanks girl!

What to expect next month:
DJ Marco Verhoeven
Photographers: Cor & Erik
Show: Bas_B & BelleVerde
You can also rent Maikel’s latex clothing. Email him on
Extra: BDSM Toys by Passie&Plezier
Demo: Hans is doing horrible things to innocent little girls

So, don’t miss it!

Make your reservations! Email or call 06-23972607.

See you Friday November 9th!
Mistress Manita

Report by Meesteres-Fran

Because my sub karl told me about the party at the Showboat with so much enthusiasm, I became curious. Almost 10 years into BDSM, but never been to the Showboat. Great time to change that. I made a reservation for 5. When we arrived, it was nice and busy. There was a warm and friendly welcome at the reception. At the lockers I met Lief-meisje and she introduced me to Mistress Manita. We had a nice chat and she advised me to use the playroom while it was still early, because it would be really busy later on. And so we did and we went downstairs.

Master Willem tied his sub J up and whipped her with a singletail and another whip. He left some nice marks on her body. I spanked my sub karl. When we were playing, lots of people dropped by to take a peek and see where all the noise was coming from. It became nice and busy downstairs. When we were finished, we headed up to the bar. It was really cozy, a real party. People really dressed up. The buffet was lovely and the bartenders were really nice. Everywhere people were talking and on the dance floor lots of dancing.

Later on we went downstairs again to watch. It was really crowded, people were playing everywhere. Then we went to the stall selling whips and clothing. We sat on the couch and by then the night came to an end. Time to go home. It was a party to remember and we sure will be back.

Report by Monique

What a party! We went there with an open mind, and open minded it was! We were welcomed with some nice cold champagne and lots of people made contact with us. Awesome! Kinky, fetish, pvc, leather, erotic, naked, it was hot! A big space with bar and dance floor, seats, people were really open minded, everyone in their own outfits, level, no judgements. Didn’t bring a whip or toys? You can just buy them there. Dominant, sub, switch. Being dragged over the dancefloor by your partner, pole dancing, you can do everything. Nothing’s too crazy.

Downstairs a lot of playing. BDSM, teasing, pleasing, or just watching and enjoying. My partner, dominantje, was really teasing me (I’m quite dominant myself and needed to be put in my place). Whipping, nipple clamps, paddles, bare hands on my butt, vibrating toys, orgasms, people watching us, respect, wow, what a kick, what more could I whish for. I enjoyed the other rooms downstairs, the furniture, darkrooms, private rooms, something for everyone, and everything with respect for each other. You can take a shower, or some snacks on the bar, everything was great. An awesome DJ, what a party it was. Everything was really nice and taken care of, I felt like I could just be me. Do whatever you want to do, everything is there to enjoy a great night.

Thanks to the wonderful organization. I really enjoyed it. You can be proud of this party, Manita. Thank you so much!

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