Party 202, 14 December 2018

This time the report is written by my sweet old friend: Veerle. I asked her to write the report, because I saw she really enjoyed the party and I was curious to find out more about their night. Thanks for sharing sweeties! Xxx

This time there were four more visitors who wrote a report about their night. Satyr89Steef, Milady-Butterly, Summer-Of-69 and Storyman M. They decided to write reports and place them on Fetlife. Really nice recommendations to my party. Thanks all! I’ll put Storyman M’s report below my report and the other ones you can find on Fetlife.

This time the party wasn’t that busy. Lots of people had the flu. I hope you all feel better by now. It was a night with lots of playing. I saw some wonderful scenes, I saw lots of people really enjoying themselves. This is why I started this party 17 years ago! I wanted to create a wonderful place where everybody could feel free and good, to enjoy our lifestyle together, without feeling uncomfortable. And I did it! I really enjoyed this party, together with 3 sweet ladies: vonkje, a Girl on Fet and Liefmeisje. These 3 ladies took care of the table with second hand stuff. Thanks sweeties.

I know lots of people got some great bargains. Or even better, like slaapaaf and Marcom, who wore their new outfits immediately, and walked around really proud. In March there will be another sale, so start to clean out your closet! Maybe you can make someone really happy with your leftover stuff. Someone had a corset dress by Bizarre Design/Jeroen van der Klis for sale, but she didn’t sell it. Roos told me she regretted not buying the dress. So, if you’re still looking to sell, please contact Roos on Fetlife.

Mil brought his vacuum bed, lots of people tried it, he was really busy. My masochistic toy a Girl on Fet tried it for the first time and she loved it. Especially when vonkje and I touched her and I laid on top of her. It was so much fun! After A Girl on Fet Satyr89steff went in. We spoiled him with the four of us. You can read about that in his report.  Thanks Mil!

Fetish Company & Leiband, thank you for being there, I love to see you again in 2019.

Unfortunately, I got some bad news. My neighbor photographer Kenneth Heesbien passed away on December 17th in Surinam. December 15th he had to go to the hospital because he had an pneumonia and was dehydrated. On Monday morning he passed away. His body couldn’t  handle it any more. My thoughts go out to his family and girlfriend. R.I.P. my dear Kenneth. I’ll miss you as a friend, neighbor and photographer.

The pictures were made by Jasmine de Vries. Thanks sweetie, good job! I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. We love to see you again on January 11th 2019!!

What to expect:

DJ Marco Verhoeven
Photographers Cor & Jasmine
Show Natsumi Scarlett
Clothing Quasi Modo
Extra Passie & Plezier
Demo Domalia & omari

Mistress Manita

Report Veerle & Nick

We were really looking forward to Manita’s Fetish & BDSM Party. It would be our second time to go to the monthly party at club Showboat. We’ve been partners in the BDSM scene for about half a year now. We went to some rubber fetish parties in Germany. So it’s nice to go out a bit closer to home. We’re sure to meet some nice friends there, always nice to chat to everyone. This time it was a bit different.

When we came in, Nick put my favorite rubber hood on me, and closed it with a collar. So my friends didn’t recognize me, so the chatting didn’t go that smooth. We really enjoyed the confusion and decided to leave the bar and go downstairs for some action. And we found it.

Lots of people were already playing and enjoying themselves. We were lucky because there was a really nice rubber vacuum bed, with skilled operator. He really took time for me and let me enjoy a great vacuum immobilization session. Sometimes you’re just lucky, I guess.

When the buffet was a bit less busy, we went to get some nice food and sat on the lovely couches next to the dance floor, to await the performance by Madame J. It started small, full of fragrances and colors, but got roughly interrupted by something really reassembling Santa. I got a bit confused, but Madam J was in control. So Santa soon became the victim of this demo.

We didn’t really watch that closely, because I got distracted by two pairs of hands that consensually played my rubber packed body. I did notice Madame J really hitting Santa. It all seemed so innocent, some nice feathers, but they got pinned on his body. Smile.

Meanwhile we were in the right mood, so Nick took me downstairs to a cross. He tied me up, put my gasmask on me, and the rest is just for us. It was nice to see other people watching and enjoying this nice and intense Fetish SM play.

While still in my own space, wearing my gasmask, we went dancing on the dance floor. And then we ended the night chatting to our friends at the bar. It was an awesome night! Thnxxxxx!

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