featured-2My dungeon is situated in swingers club ” the Showboat ” in Zaandijk, which is approx.
20 km north of Amsterdam. Unfortunately it was no longer possible for me to have a SM studio in Amsterdam, this because of legislation. For those who are afraid that there discretion is compromised, because I work now in a swingers club, can be relieved.
My dungeon is only open for my slaves and masochists.

If on the other hand you think it’s exciting to go in public with me, pulling you on a leash and you like to serve me while the regular guests of the club can see you, it can be organized very easy now.

Hope to see you soon
Mistress Manita


Standard SM session per hour € 200,00
Each following hour € 180,00
Standard SM session of 1 ½ hours € 300,00
Half day sessions of 4 hours with continuous play € 650,00
Half day sessions of 4 hours with break during session € 600,00

Extra costs

Use of poppers during a session, after the session you can keep the bottle € 15,00
Use of needles during a session € 20,00

Special wishes possible after negotiation