Party 203, januari 2019

It’s been a while, but finally I got the party-report online.
Because my computer crashed, I had to look for a different way of publishing this report.
I got loaned a laptop by slaaf Gerard, so I could finish some things just the same. That’s when you notice how dependent you get using a computer.

The last party my dear friend Iris returned, for the first time in six months!
I saw Iris and INCommand enjoy themselves, so I thought they might enjoy writing a report for you as well.
Thank you darling for your lovely report xxx

The night started differently for me, because I had decided the Monday leading up to the party, that I would stop drinking wine. I have several customs, like toasting with the team at the start of the evening. This time I had to toast with a cup of tea, soda water or tonic, and I am very proud that I kept it up all night. Those who know me, know my glass of wine is a bit of a thing for me.

I am still holding strong except for a glass of wine now and then, and I have to say, all is going well.

It was nice and busy, especially it being a January. I think this is because everybody felt the urge to just let go for a while. Which was noticeable downstairs in the playrooms, because the sounds of cracking whips and moans of pain or pleasure resounded everywhere.

It was great to see Quasimodo’s Mieke again. It had been way too long, at least it felt that way. I had wanted to ask Mieke to alter a skirt for me, but I was clumsy enough to leave it at home.

So Mieke, please come back quickly with your stand.

The other stand was manned by Passie & Plezier, of course they will be back on the 8th of February that time with a bigger stand. Of course, this is the day that the party has been around for 17 years.

The show was done by Natsumi Scarlett, a beautiful lady, who always knows how to put up a great show, this time was no exception, although it was a bit different from earlier shows.
Normally Natsumi uses cloth fabric to climb in athletically, but this time she used ropes. Actually, it was some self-bondage accompanied by music, fire, great clothing and a lot of theatre.

Thanks again darling and see you soon (shoot).

This month’s demonstration was given by my friend Mistress Domalia en omai. It was themed: “staple, needle, thread”.

We all know staples, needle and thread, from the medical world, where it used to suture wounds after surgery. During the demonstration omari’s willy was turned into a pussy and was decorated with purple ribbon.

If you have a look at the pictures you can see the complete metamorphosis.
Thanks, dears, for this addition.

After all this was done, it was time to get to it, and who is a more gorgeous victim then A Girl On Fet!

This time I was really feeling it and I also had the chance to play in my own studio. Which makes for a whole different atmosphere than just playing on the dancefloor.
They are both places I love playing at, both for very different reasons.

The great thing was that I had the studio for myself, what luxury that is, at the party!

After I had hooked A Girl On Fet onto a winch I started our scene. By now we know each other well, but it took a while to really get into it.

It turned out to be a great scene with great moments of energy, pain and love!

With a warm butt and great welts this lady could enjoy some time with me on one of the couches on the dancefloor. This lady snuggled close to me and Ruudje gave me a great foot massage. Every month this is a great joy at the end of the party.

Thank you my dear Ruudje.

What to expect on the 17th year jubilee:

Of course, we’re going to have a great party, just like the years before.
Everyone will get a glass of bubbly when entering.

At 23:00 there will be a warm and cold buffet
DJ: Marco Verhoeven and guest DJ’s
Photography: Cor & Jasmine
1st show: Ropemarks – Bob & Spring
2nd show: Iris & Moi
Clothing: Passie & Plezier
Extra: Damax

If you don’t want to miss out on the 17 year jubilee, make sure you reserve your place!
Send an e-mail to or call 06-23972607

See you the 8th of February 2019

Mistress Manita
27th January 2019

Report by Iris

For over 10 years, we are regular guests at my friend Manita’s party, so it was with great exception that we didn’t attend for almost half a year.

We were really missing the party, the atmosphere, the many friends and acquaintances, and of course the chance to play at a party.

We were feeling quite excited when we walked onto the gangplank at the showboat. My partner, who is also my Dom, was carrying a bag with clothes and shoes for me to wear, this of course, next to his bag of playthings. Ever since needing to go home early because of a broken heel or a ripped latex catsuit, I always carry a spare suit and heels to a party.

The club is already teeming with people, and I literally can’t take another step without meeting someone I know. So our first hour at the party is spent, talking, hugging and waving.

The music is beckoning us to the dancefloor, and when I have finished talking to everyone, I got onto it, and let go. It’s great to be back, and it feels really comfortable.

It’s nice and busy, but not so busy that you can’t move around. I haven’t had the time to talk to my friend Manita yet, the party’s host. So, I let her know I am planning on it. She laughs, because she knows me so well.  Always running around, and talking, flirting and teasing, here, there and everywhere.

When Natsumi Scarlett’s dazzling show is over my Master goes and get’s his bag. I put on my latex mask. I love latex and a rubber hood gives me the opportunity to turn into myself. The gag that gets put into my mouth only enhances that sensation. My Master finds it a good plan to put me next to one of the dancing poles on the dancefloor. I myself really enjoy a scene where everyone can see me. At the start I am still conscious of the people around me, but after a heavy whipping session, where the bullwhip is the intense end, I am completely turned into myself. Oh, how I missed that feeling!

After our scene I cuddle up to Him and a lovely friend cuddles with me as well. Because our kids are growing up, playing at home is becoming more impossible. Especially when you want to play with whips, as we like to do. Therefore it’s great to be back at the showboat where we can be free to do what we like and enjoy and have the space to do it.

The night has not passed yet, and when I go downstairs I can’t help playing with a great lady myself. Everywhere around us there are people enjoying themselves, I see a trampling session, some whipping scenes and bondage. I can hear happy groans and moans.

When the night is almost over Manita and I get a chance to catch up at the bar. We haven’t finished talking yet, and there is just so much distraction around us.
When it is really dying down, my Master and I decide to go home as well, if only to sit and have a drink and reminisce with a drink in hand.

It was great being back at the party and feeling completely at home. We’ve already noted down next month’s party, because that’s the jubilee. Where my Master and I will be performing with my two lovely friends Lily Low and Vintage Catt.

I’ve decided not to stay away too long from Manita’s party again, because it remains one of my favourites. A lovely intimate fetish play party, with a relaxed atmosphere and the greatest host. I am looking forward to next month!


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