Party 201, 9 November 2018

This time again two reports of guests. One by a couple from Belgium, visiting for the first time. Babs & Alex, thanks. Nice talking to you and great to see you again. The second report is by Little-Lady-Sub. A lovely sub I had a session with in February. This night both my ladies, A Girl On Fet and Lief-Meisje, didn’t attend the party. But during the show I saw Little-Lady-Sub would make a great victim. I knew she wanted to play with me last month. It was a really beautiful session. It became more and more intense, from soft to hard, and really erotic. Like Little-Lady-Sub wrote, lots of people watched the session in awe.

When we had finished our play, another lady asked me to be her Mistress again. This lady met my whips on another party, this was her first session ever. So I was honored she asked me to play again. So we did. Also a really nice session, but really different. This lady really turns inward when playing, instead of opening up and connection. So I made her feel the difference between that and opening up and connecting. So she can decide for herself what she likes best. Good luck lady!

I kept getting compliments about my play. After playing, four more ladies offered themselves to play with me. So who knows what, or who, will happen next month.

DJ Marco Verhoeven was again awesome. He received lots of compliments and it was a joy to play to his music. I love to play on the dancefloor. I love the beats and the space.

Appie, our chef, also did a great job. Lots of different things to eat, so everyone could enjoy it. We got lots of compliments about the food.

The show would be by Bas_B & BelleVerde, but Bas was ill. Pff, the stress to have to arrange a new show just before the party. Luckily Bas arranged for friends of his, DeGroteBozeD and isis immortelle, to do the show.

We were surprised by two beautiful people doing a bondage show and it looked great. You could tell they did play together often and we were quite impressed. Thanks for doing the show and I hoop to see you again as guests.

BelleVerde did attend the party and together we played with a little, pretty, willing girl on the dancefloor. Take a look at the pictures.

The clothing stall was by Latex Maikel. He and his lady put up a great looking stall. Thank you for being there. As extra stall we had Passie & Plezier with some really nice toys. Thanks!

The demo was by Hans. Hans doing horrible things to innocent little girls. I heard it was quite the demo. I didn’t see it myself because I was playing. Unfortunately there were no pictures made, so I guess Hans has to return soon to give a show. How about it, Hans?

Pics were made by Cor Bruin and Erik Foto. Thanks! A great way to show people what’s happening at my party.

It was a great night, lots of nice people who like to play the BDSM game.

What to expect in December:

DJ Marco Verhoeven
Photographers Cor & Jasmine
Show MadameJ
Clothing Fetish Company
Extra Leiband
Demo Vacuum bed

Hope to see you in December!
Love, Manita

Report by Babs & Alex

For the first time we went to Manita’s party. It was the 201st party. A warm welcome, we got a tour and were ready to start the night. The Showboat is a really nice club, really cosy, beautiful and relaxed with a good atmosphere. Lots of nice and respectful people, cool clothing stall. Nothing but compliments.

Later that night we had a nice chat with Mistress Manita, she’s lovely. We’ll surely visit again. We had a great night!

Report by Little-Lady-Sub

It’s time for Manita’s party! I’m really looking forward to it, already packed my outfit. First I’m going out to diner with some friends. They don’t know what I will be doing after, so that’s extra exciting.

Finaly I’m in the car to the Showboat. It feels like I’m late (22.30). I’m running in and hury to get dressed. I got a new outfit, it fits perfectly and I’m really happy with it. I put on my boots and head upstairs.

Big steps to Manita. I say hi and my hands are too cold, my touch scares her. We chat and I’m so happy to see her again. I’m here by myself, as always, and I love it. I chat and watch. A lovely clothing stall with latex clothing by Maikel. I try on a dress, it’s beautiful but not for me. Luckily I got some honest advice. But still, bummer.

The stall by Passie & Plezier is so much fun. I decide to drop by later and head downstairs. I watch a beautiful session and then realize the show by Bas_B and BelleVerde has already started. I hurry to the dancefloor and Manita pointed to my spot in front of her chair on the floor. I took my place and enjoyed the beautiful show. After the show everybody went ahead with their night and Manita called me to her. She asked me if I wanted to play with her! I was glad and surprised, because that’s why I came tonight. I had to take of my clothes and stand at the pole. I do as I’m told and she puts cuffs around my wrist, so I can’t escape. I love it.

I’m stuck. I’m standing here for her and  my pleasure. There are caresses, scratches and people are watching. Exciting. I keep my eyes closed so I can feel her and be open to her. She walks away and gets a whip. It touches my body softly. I can surrender myself to Manita. There are some good blows, but nothing I can’t handle.

My body is reacting intensely, but I can’t give in. I love how she hits me, touches me, bites me. Everything. I want more and more. The photographer is takes pictures and there are even more people watching. My butt is burning, I’m turning away. I feel a whip hitting my belly. I look at her, she’s smiling and asking me if I like that better then on my bum. I don’t know, I just want more. More here, more there, I don’t care.

She’s standing right in front of me. Her nails over my body. It tickles, I’m so sensitive by now, I can’t control my own body. I don’t notice anything happening around us. I only focus on Manita. She wants me to look at her, in the eyes. I look at her. I’m really enjoying this. I want to take this pain for her. She’s enjoying this, I can feel it, I can see it. It’s beautiful and intense. She unties me. I have to turn around and I’m stuck again. I look into here eyes again. She pinches, bites and then there’s that whip again. I cant look her in the eyes now, I feel my body is about to give up. Of course Manita notices and unties me. She takes me to the couch and finally I can rest against her.

After a while I’m starting to come back, I stop shaking and I drink some water. People around us are watching me. I can see the enjoyed it, me, us. Well, so did it! Thank you Manita for this great night. See you soon!