Party 205, maart 2019

Almost a week after the party I realized that I hadn’t asked anyone to write a personal report yet.

Eventually I saw a nice report from Damiana on Fetlife so I sent this sweet lady a message asking if she could add a little more to her report so that I could use it for my report.

And she succeeded, as you will read later on. Thank you sweetheart xxx

The evening was quieter than usual during the last few months. I didn’t expect that at all, since this was the last evening that our TOP DJ Marco Verhoeven would be performing.
Unfortunately many regular visitors were not present this evening to wave him goodbye.
Those who were there received a CD from Marco, so they will still be able to enjoy his music at home or in the car!

This evening DJ Timeless was present for a test run. We still have to decide whether he will be part of the permanent DJ team. Another guest DJ will be performing in April: DJ Sydney.
This DJ performed at the party several times some years ago. He replaced Marco and Marcel on several occasions, when they were on vacation.

However, that is at least eight years ago, so he also will be present to taste and play the atmosphere during the evening. And of course to discover if he still likes to play at my party.

Despite the fact that there were less people around this time, that didn’t result in a less attractive evening. In terms of atmosphere and play, it was simply another great evening which was over way too fast.

Together with lief-meisje I arrived at the Showboat early because this time we organised the exchange and sales market again. This time it was a more of a success than during the two previous editions.

Other people had now also brought things or clothing for the inlay table. And again a number of people went home with nice things. Or even better: there were even people who decided to wear or use their purchases immediately.
I want to thank my two dear friends and a Girl on FL again for managing the inlay table. Xxxxx

This time, lief-meisje wasn’t present at the inlay table but she was by my side and again, that went well 😊. We have seen nice games and lots of nice conversations, so the evening was over very quickly. I promise I will perform another play myself next month!

The show was performed by Herakles & Najila45. This nice couple give acte de présence at my party almost every month. They performed the show together with Edin-coset and in collaboration with Daan from “DiubeoWhips.” Daan is an enthusiastic young man who makes beautiful whips using paracord.

During this show only whips made by Daan were used. That gave us a good impression of what these whips can do! (I can’t wait until I have my DiubeoWhip)
“DiubeoWhips” was also present at an extra booth with their beautiful whips.

The name of the show was “The belt of the queen of the Amazon”
Here is a short explanation of what it was all about:
Queen Hippolyte sees Heracles coming from far away and is impressed by this hero.
During an intense game of love, she is even willing to give him the belt voluntarily.
Hera then decides to counteract Heracles again. The wrathful goddess takes the form of an Amazon, mingles with the women and then spreads the rumor that the strangers are after the life of their queen.
The women then furiously start the attack. However, it is not an even fight and Hippolyte loses the battle. Herakles takes the belt off her and thus Hercales fulfills his ninth assignment.

The photos make the story complete!
It was intense but beautiful to see!
Thank you and a big kiss for the entire team that was involved in this. Xxxxx

The demonstration “Shamanistic Body Spanking” was performed by D_Moon
Led by D_Moon_, a short shamanistic ritual was performed.
No drums were involved, because the intention was you would use the body of your slave instead. And it turns out a body has enough places that are suitable for drumming 😊 Ultimately a large, human drum circle was created!
It was nice and fun to do this together with all of us!

As always, lief-meisje, Herakles & Najila45 and I couldn’t resist to have a bit of fun. But yeah, to me SM is also a lot of laughter and trying to put people on the wrong track. 😉

The clothing booth was from Lef 2.0. Their new team was present for the second time.
It was nice to meet you, Henk, and I hope to see you again at my party later this year. I took a peek at your wares and I must say, it was worth it!

On the day of the party I received a long email from P_A_Trick
With this question: “I recently held a florentine workshop at a party. I would like to get in touch with people who want to flog or who want to be flogged ”.
Well, P_A_Trick succeeded and I was impressed by his skills with the LED whips. I even asked him to return to the party to give a demo or show.

This time, the photos were made by Jasmine and Erikfoto.
Thanks again my dear ones, you made some beautiful pictures! xxx

This is what to expect next month:

DJ Pedro & Guest DJ Sydney
Show: Saint Lawrence
Photographers Jasmine & Cor
Clothing by The Funhouse
Extra: Whips by whipmaker Leiband
Demonstration: Sadism by Hans

You don’t want to miss this !!
So call or send an e-mail to make a reservation, 06-23972607 –

With love,
Mistress Manita
March 19, 2019

Party report by Damiana

This would be our second to last party with Manita on the Showboat. On Thursday evening, I am already starting to bounce a little. The outlook to a play date with Vonkje and perhaps together with Herman1970 make my head and body go crazy. It’s Friday when I discuss which clothes I can wear after showering myself. My hair is in curls, I have applied my makeup and I am ready to leave when I get in touch with Vonkje, who asks whether I like dull or sharp. Sharp it is … Vonkje then sends me a picture of her play bag accompanied by the words: A clothesline flogger is in my bag. I suspect it to be a very nasty item. Well …. as long as it hits your buttocks … I grin, I can stand the sadism well and that makes me bounce even more.

We get in the car and drive to the Showboat, on the way my bouncing makes me uncomfortable and I start to turn. Herman1970 knows my wish to be whipped by him and Vonkje together. In the car we discuss some things, including offering the bottle of wine to Manita. “You are my slave girl and I want to be proud of you, remember that you offer it in a proper way” … oh yes, damn, I forgot about that. “Yes darling, I’ll present it to her nicely.”

When we have arrived at the Showboat, we take the bag and wine from the car when Vonkje and some nice people park next to us. “Let me look at you, you look great”, that’s always a nice compliment and we go inside. We stow our stuff away and go for a walk, we cuddle with some friends as we walk upstairs. I just manage to avoid Manita with the wine, which makes Herman1970 laugh. We enter the smoking room and it doesn’t take long before Manita arrives, Herman1970 greets her while stepping aside. While holding the box of wine, I go sit on my knees. A short circuit occurs in my head as I sit there because I am only submissive to a few ladies and Manita is one of them. While I look down she very calmly picks up the wine (that seems to last for hours) and I almost jump up from the ground. “I see Herman1970 did some shopping”, she says, and thanks us both. Well, that’s that then, now let’s get out of here quickly.

The evening starts a little slow, I assume people are waiting for the performance to begin. Unfortunately, because I was playing with a friend I missed a part of the show, but enjoyed the last five minutes of a nice performance. The play was fast and intense, there was such a chemistry between those two sweethearts. To explain it in one word: “Wow!”. We go downstairs, where Herman1970 introduces a friend of ours to the flogger and cane. It’s the first time for her, so she’s had enough quite soon. Herman1970 sends me upstairs to tell Vonkje that I am ready, and I am bouncing again when I have to pick up Vonkje’s toy bag.

I am still bouncing when Herman1970 puts on my shackles, fastens me to the rod in the studio, and blindfolds me. Soon, I feel floggers hitting my body, the hits alternating in strength between intense and soft. I run in circles and soon get disoriented. I surrender because the struggle in my head won’t be able to win from two sadists.

I feel rough hands over my body and I squirm and enjoy being whipped. Silence and peace enter my head, I feel like I am sinking. But I suffer when receiving a hard blow that takes me out of my serene bubble. Tears of pain, my darling catches me, calms me down and starts to play less intense. Then, we pick up the pace again, I let myself go again and there comes my nice bubble, the blows slowly get harder again, I dance, enjoy and undergo everything.

The single tail of Vonkje embraces my body. Damn, that is so nice. Then Herman adds his single tail and they embrace my body, always at a different place, always a different whip. The peace in my head, the silence around me, I experience it all and relax as I haven’t done in ages. The game is being built up, the blows are getting more intense, the “snake” hits my body mercilessly hard. I am breathing, stamping my feet and shouting, but we continue.

I am nearing the point at which I won’t be able take things anymore. Herman notices that and gets the cane. With Vonkje wonderfully against me, secure in her arms I take the blows with the cane, I ask if they can be more intense, proud of myself that, after a long time, I can play so well again.

We are relaxing while we are standing in the wet room and watching a rhythmic spanking. It’s wonderful to see everyone working together at the same time. It’s time to have a drink and, little by little, go home. I notice that the evening made a big impression on me. I am exhausted. Dear Vonkje and Herman1970: thank you for the great interaction. Manita: thank you for not making it very difficult for me when offering the bottle of wine and for this great party. See you next month.

Love, Damiana


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